Following are the items we find do best in a catering environment,

but we are happy to discuss special requests.

Seafood Gumbo (with rice) $65 per gallon*
A New Orleans classic spicy soup with shrimp, crab, crawfish, Andouille sausage,

rice. and okra in a dark roux with seafood stock.

Seafood Bisque (with rice) $65 per gallon*
Shrimp, crab, crawfish, and corn in a light tomato cream based soup with a splash of sherry.


Cajun Jambalaya $70 per gallon
A spicy rice dish of smoked chicken, Andouille sausage and Tasso (Cajun smoked ham) with caramelized onions, celery, and bell pepper. Includes a side of our house-made sauce piquant.


Creole Jambalaya $75 per gallon
Shrimp and crawfish sautéed with a splash of Creole tomato sauce then tossed with rice, smoked chicken, spicy Andouille sausage and Tasso with caramelized onions, celery, and bell pepper.


Pasta Jambalaya $80 per gallon
House-smoked duck and chicken with sautéed shrimp, our Andouille and Tasso jambalaya base, smoky Creole tomato sauce and a rich duck essence tossed with pasta.


Red Beans & Rice with diced Grilled Chicken

$65 per gallon*
Substitute Andouille sausage, add $10
Substitute Alligator sausage, add $10


Crawfish Etouffee $90 per gallon*

Crawfish tail meat slow cooked with onions, bell peppers, and celery, with spicy Cajun seasonings, garlic, and herbs. Served over rice.


Shrimp Creola w/Pasta or Rice $65 per gallon
Our version of a New Orleans classic of sautéed shrimp in a light Creole tomato sauce with peas and mushrooms, all tossed with penne pasta.


Shrimp & Grits $75 per gallon

Lightly seasoned shrimp in a Tasso Ham cream sauce with capers and a splash of our house-made Creole tomato sauce; served with creamy cheese grits.


Chicken & Grits $65 per gallon

Grilled diced chicken thigh finished in rich beef gravy with mushrooms and peas, served over creamy cheese grits.


Primavera (V) w/Pasta or Rice $50 per gallon
Peas, mushrooms, green beans, squash, and garbanzo beans in a mild Creole tomato sauce, tossed with Penne Pasta. Recommended topped with parmesan cheese.


Louisiana Chicken w/Pasta or Rice $70 per gallon
Chicken thigh pieces sautéed in garlic, with mushrooms and peas. In a moderately spicy Tasso cream sauce, all tossed with penne pasta and topped with parmesan cheese.


Mardi Gras Pasta $75 per gallon
A Shrimp, Crawfish, and mushrooms in a Creole tomato
cream sauce with capers and a splash of sherry, tossed with pasta; topped with parmesan cheese.


Caesar Salad $3.50 per person
Romaine lettuce tossed with our house-made traditional Caesar dressing, with house-made garlic crouton crumbles and shaved Parmesan cheese.




* = 3 Qts entrée, plus 1 ½ Qts rice



Bread Pudding $60 per gallon
Creamy egg custard baked with French bread and topped with a white chocolate Frangelico sauce and toasted pecans.


Lemon Cheesecake $7 each

 – requires 10 day notice

Individual, extra creamy version of cheesecake

with a pecan & vanilla wafer crust, a lemon sour cream topping and a strawberry coulis



A “pan” or a gallon is approximately 15 appetizer servings, or about 5 entrees.


All prices are for one “pan” or approximately one gallon, not including sales tax. 
Please ask about our delivery options.


We usually need at least two business days’ notice for catering orders, more if it’s a larger order.